16 Pros and Cons of Abortion

Over the centuries, abortion has prevailed as a medical practice in the community, however, being fully legalized only after the 70s era. The procedure to terminate the pregnancy, induced abortion was first ever recorded in the history in 1550 BCE, from the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus. Although, medical abortion started only after late 70s, after it was validated and approved by countries like USA, Japan, France and Germany. 

Is abortion a safe approach to reduce child birth, or is it the reckless choice for pregnant women, risking their lives ultimately? 

Let’s look upon the both sides of abortion and how is it impacting today’s women. 

Cons of Abortion

Here are some cons of abortion as listed beneath: 

A legalised infanticide:

Abortion leads to the termination of babies that are yet to be born. Hence, it may be classified as official killing of the babies carried out in intention, under the jurisdiction of the law. 

Risks of Infertility:

Although abortion is regarded as a safe procedure, it may lead to infertility or ectopic pregnancy in some women, due to PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) at some cases. 

Complications due to surgery:

Some women may go through serious complications while doing a surgical abortion, such as heavy bleeding, damage to the womb and cervix, sepsis or septic shock, and major risks due to removal of the parts of pregnancy that stayed in the womb, leading the death of the women in some cases. 

Future health risks:

Abortion leads to weakening of the cervix, leading women towards the risk of future pre-term deliveries. As per the study, women who go through abortion twice tend to have an early preterm child, of about 26 weeks. This leads to the major risk of mortality of the new-born at his/her adulthood. Also, the survived babies can have disabilities, cerebral palsy, intellectual impairment, psychological development disorders and autism, to name a few. 

Breast Cancer:

The recent study showcases the risk of breast cancer in the women who abort their unborn. In 2013, the risk of breast cancer in women after abortion increased by 44%, and for those who went through abortion twice or thrice, the risk went higher up to 76-89%.   

Sexual Dysfunction:

After abortion, some women may go through sexual dysfunction. Some of the drawbacks that they face may be increased vaginal dryness, decreased sexual desire, loss of orgasm ability and dyspareunia (Painful intercourse) too. 

Impacts of Late Abortions:

If a woman goes through abortion in the last three months, the woman might have an adverse impact on her health, such as infection in female reproductive organs, heavy or excessive vaginal bleeding, incomplete abortion leading to another surgery, severe pain in pelvic area, lower abdomen  and lower back, and even leading to her mortality sometimes. Hence, the medical procedures are not carried out until and unless the hospital has the consent of the woman and her husband. 

Unhealthy Mental Condition:

Diverse women tend to go through anxiety, depression, guilt, and a range of contradictory emotions after abortion. This leads to an unhealthy mental state, impacting the balanced and tranquil lifestyle of women as well as her family. 

Pros of Abortion

However, there are some pros of abortion too, briefed as following: 

A mean of Population Control:

An abortion that is carried out at safest procedures aids in birth control, in turn leading to a controlled population in the perspective of the nation. Hence, it may be justified as a defensive act to curb overpopulation. 

Efficient operation, greater Success Rate:

In today’s world, the success rate of surgical abortion is pretty high, up to 99%. With expert medical specialists, sterilized hospital ambience, the abortion done when a woman is 22 weeks pregnant is looked after very cautiously, with a proactive monitoring of the patient 24X7. 

 A boon to unplanned pregnancies:

In today’s generation, intercourse with a prior consent is fairly popular. However, as some couple fail to use contraceptives or protection means, there are high chances of unplanned pregnancy. Hence, an abortion procedure is highly beneficial to those who are not ready to raise a child at an early age, as they lack proper knowledge and maturity. 

Medical Abortion is safer, and natural:

Medical abortion is much more safe and natural as compared to surgical abortion as it is based on medications, and not a surgery. This abortion approach is fully dependent on medications such as mifepristone along with misoprostol that induces miscarriage, after 4 to 5 days of the medication intake. 

A healthy and hygienic birth expectancy

Having the top-notch technological era and its first-rate features and capabilities today, a pregnant woman can acknowledge the health of the unborn and its success rate after the birth. Hence, if the unborn has disabilities with a lower chance of survival, the woman can approach a safer abortion procedure, and plan for a baby more carefully, expecting to have a healthy and well-immune baby, having zero chances of any disabilities or drawbacks whatsoever. 

 A lawful practice:

After the 70s era, abortion has been a lawful act if a woman wishes to plan a safe abortion, abiding by the law. Hence, the government provides lawful solutions and approaches to abortion, which leaves a good impression on the bearer, as a benefactor too, in some cases. 

Socio-economic Beneficiaries

A safe and lawful abortion is beneficial to a female in socio-economic manner. If the woman conceives her baby in a frail condition, chances are both the mother and new born is at a higher health risk. Hence, to stabilize this, a lawful abortion is always helpful, as it provides the woman to take ample time before willing to be a mother, and the cost of abortion is fairly lesser than giving birth to a child and raising him/her afterwards. Also, a woman can manage her lifestyle and prepare herself to the bigger responsibilities of being a mother beforehand. 

Mental Balance:

A woman who conceived a child accidently, can go through severe mental traumas and stressful conditions. Hence, abortion plays a major role in balancing her mental health, providing her the best solution to abort the fetus/embryo before it develops to be a newborn. Therefore, abortion aids to stabilize the mental state of those women who tend to get pregnant without planning, and absolutely unaware. 

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