16 Pros and Cons of Tattoo

From early 3100 BC, tattoo has decorated the human skin, as Otzi the Iceman was the first human to ever be discovered with a tattoo on his body. Since the timeline, the Asian community specifically China, revealed a number of deceased mummified, who had a tattoo skin, as the ancient Chinese literature refers to the folk heroes and bandits had tattoos. 

Also, the famous Japanese organized crime group Yakuza, which has been in existence for more than 300 years, get Samurai tattoos representing the importance of having a code of honor, as tattoos identified their position in the hierarchy. 

Although, has the tattoo engraving flourished excessively in the modern generation? Or has it impacted the culture and norms of the society in a negative manner? Let’s find out! 

Cons of Tattoo

Here are some cons of tattoos as listed beneath: 


Getting a tattoo is not always exciting. Some people may experience the symptoms of allergies right after they engrave tattoos on their body, making the body surface red, bumpy or itchy.  Therefore, getting a rash after engraving a tattoo is evident in a people amass, that can appear for months or years later. 

Skin Infections:

A severe or a mild skin infection is prevalent in the body of some people after getting the tattoo. In some cases, the infection can be fatal too. 

Granuloma and Keloids:

An infection causing inflammation in the area where the tattoo ink is engraved may be encountered in some cases. Also, some people may get keloids too– the raises in the areas of tattoo caused by an overgrowth of scar tissue.   

Blood borne diseases:

At rare cases, usage of an infected needle or the tattooing equipment contaminated with blood can cause contraction of varied blood borne diseases that include Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.    

MRI difficulties:

Tattoos may sometimes cause swelling or blistering in the very areas, during magnetic resonance Imaging (MRI) scans or examinations. At rare cases, the pigments of tattoo can intervene with the quality of the image.  

It stays on forever:

Sometimes, people purposelessly get tattoo on their body, which has no chief meaning at all. Hence, the meaningless art form stays on the skin forever, however can be covered or erased at a fairly expensive amount, leading to complications at some cases. 

The Aging Effect:

At a considerable amount of time after getting a tattoo, it needs to be retouched or revamped with sets of colors and inks, as the tattoo starts fading and rupturing, as the skin goes through aging. Also, at some cases, bleeding may occur from the tattooed sections too. 

A Fairly Expensive Affection:

While it sounds cool and fascinating to get a tattoo, the cost it incurs is fairly high, ranging from $200 – $500 for an average size, increasing the cost range as per the increment in the surface area. 

Pros of Tattoo

Nonetheless, here are some pros of Tattoos too, as listed beneath: 

A chief Immunizer:

Getting a tattoo aids in boost of immunity of a person by inducing the body’s immune response, study proves. As the anatomy of a human body is designed to fight against any external factors by producing antibodies, getting a tattoo is a health beneficiary to a human body to boost the immunity power. 

Reduction of Cortisol Level:

Surprised? Yes, getting a tattoo helps in reducing the cortisol level in a person’s body. Being a stress hormone, reduction of the cortisol level in the body impacts the person more positively, leading him/her towards the absence of stress, anxiety, and many other mental as well as physical harms. 

Multiple Tattoos as repairing agents:

Getting multiple tattoos in the body can help a person, specifically weightlifters and bodybuilders to heal and repair the muscles faster. As it reduces the cortisol level in a person’s body, the healing is way too faster in the case of person who lift weights.  

A Mark of one’s Self-Representation:

A tattoo can signify one’s self-expression or representation in the community, as a form prevailed throughout the history of the mankind too. For instance, various figures in the history had tattoos as a mark of solitude, power, and glory or as a code of honor. 

An Elegant Sheath:

Sometimes, if there are any cuts or birthmarks or scars in a person’s body, he/she can easily cover it up with a meaningful tattoo as an emblem. Furthermore, they can always improvise the tattoo and make it more significant later on. 

The Art that stays forever:

Tattoos are the engravings made to the soul, as they stay in the skin forever, proffering its meaning throughout a person’s life. It showcases the personality of a person too, based on the kind of tattoo he/she has engraved in their body. 

A loved one’s memory:

Many people are found to engrave their deceased loved ones in their body as a memory. This allows the sufferer to remember their loved ones every time they have a look at their tattoo. 

A Spiritual Freedom:

Not only for memories, some people tend to get tattoos as fulfilment of their spiritual needs or guidance. Engraving a god or any spiritual guide in their body, people find it enthralled and believe that they are guided and protected by the spiritual guardians, so called guardian angels as they stay forever on a person’s skin. 

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