5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Ubuntu

Do you want to jump to another operating system or change distro or Ubuntu always caught your attention?  Well, I would encourage you to do so, but the decision is not always easy to make. Surely before doing so, questions arise such as:

  • What advantages and disadvantages does Ubuntu have compared to Windows?
  • Why install Ubuntu and what disadvantages and advantages does it have compared to other distros?
  • For what type of user is Ubuntu recommended?
  • Is it true that in Linux it is not necessary to install antivirus?
  • What are the features and requirements of this OS?

In the next post we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of using Ubuntu , and we will also answer all those doubts that usually appear before trying to join the Linux world. Let us begin.

Advantages of Ubuntu Linux

  • Ubuntu is free and open softwareLike other Linux distributions, Ubuntu is free software and open source. That means that, unlike other OS like Windows, you don’t have to pay to use it.
  • You can currently use it with Windows In recent times, Windows has been concerned with improving its environment for developers and that is why today it allows you to install and use the Ubuntu Subsystem (WSL) from a terminal. This allows a great advantage if you still do not dare to leave Windows completely but want to take advantage of all the advantages that Ubuntu offers you as a developer.
  • Safe and reliable Ubuntu is one of the most secure and reliable distros in the Linux world. It has good support, recurring updates against possible vulnerabilities and a safe environment. It is not that there are no viruses capable of infecting Linux code, but it is much less likely than in Windows. Installing an antivirus is optional.
  • It’s fast and makes good use of system resources Just install it and start it on your computer to notice its speed. It uses system resources so well that its minimum requirements are quite affordable and it is capable of booting on low-resource computers.
  • Highly customizable In Ubuntu you have many options to customize the Operating System and its environment to your liking. As in most linux distros, you can replace the desktop environment with a new one, installing some of the different types of flavors such as Gnome, LXDE, XFCE, KDE among others.

Disadvantages of Ubuntu Linux

  • Not the best option for gamers Graphics in general are a weak point of Linux. And while Windows games are getting easier to emulate, you don’t always get the same performance results.
  • It is not usually the standard of large companies Although it is widely used in companies that provide hosting services (Linux is optimal for server administration), it is not usually the standard of companies that work with office software.
  • It takes time to understand it and learn to use it in its splendorAlthough Ubuntu is one of the friendliest distros for beginners, installing it on your computer and performing basic tasks will take a little learning time. Now, if you want to become a Linux expert, to become proficient with Bash for example, that will take some extra time.
  • There is software that you will not be able to run Although there is a Linux version for many of the most popular software, or alternatively, open source alternatives, it is likely that you will not find a replacement for certain programs that you use in Windows.
  • Innovation is not his strong suit Because it is a distribution oriented to the average user and recommended for those who are taking their first steps in the GNU / Linux world, it is usually conventional if we compare it with other distros that do have innovation as a strong point, such as Fedora, for example.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Ubuntu compared to other distros?

Ubuntu is one of the most stable distros in the GNU / Linux world . In addition, due to its popularity, it is easy to resolve any type of problem and doubt thanks to its extensive support community. The information you will find in this regard is extensive.

Notably, Ubuntu is geared towards the average user. So one of its greatest advantages over other distributions is its ease of use and friendliness with the user who is taking his first steps in Linux.

Ubuntu stands as one of the most recommended distributions if you are currently a Windows user and want to take your first steps in Linux . The change will not seem so overwhelming and you will be able to adapt more easily. That is one of the biggest advantages of Ubuntu over other distros.

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